Latest Release from Reggae-Soul Singer MarioEvon – You Used 2 Love Me

Mario Evon, known to us in the Firefly family as “the most nimble of dream weavers, a polished gentleman and smiling troubadour, was the first performer to grace the Speak Easy stage in October 2009. As we say in Jamaica, he blessed the mic and we were honored to have him do so. If you haven’t seen or heard this young man on youtube or in and around the many Live music events in Kingston,  you need to do something about that.

But before you proceed here are a few words from the man himself. And look out for our extended interview later on this month.

FireFly: Who is Mario Evon? Continue reading


Freelancing vs. Design Agency, Part I

By Monique Kennedy


As a freelancer, I was faced with the choice of deciding if I would work in an agency or if I would work on my own. There are pros and cons of each side that you should consider before making your final decision, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of freelancing. Continue reading

SEZi: Interview with an Individual

By Jamel Hall

These days with everyone seeking to define themselves as individuals, as something and someone a part from the herd it is indeed almost impossible to hear the word unique and not cringe. With the plethora of persons striving to be different yet bringing the same to the artistic table it is easy for those artists who are truly unique artistically and personally to be lost in the crowd. In this edition of Soul Sounds we catch up with Caribbean, alternative, soul, fusion artist SEZi and take a tour through her mind and her musical make up. She’s a real person and a genuine individual who speaks from her soul, the same source the feeds her creative bent. Continue reading

Black Zebra: Interview With an Anomaly

 By Jamel Hall

Trevaldo Thompson – Bass

David Lazarus – Guitar/Vocals

Andrew ‘’Preggs’’ Thompson – Drummer/ Producer

Jillian Castle – Keyboard/Vocals

Wayne McGregor – Vocals/Guitar

Katie Iver – Vocals/Percussion

Omar Azan – Trumpet

With an unapologetic hard driving yet dynamic sound Black Zebra has established themselves as one of Jamaica’s premier rock bands.  Decades of musical experience and love of sound between them, it is easy to see why they are so in demand and why their fan base continues to grow. The band is hilarious, intelligent, and immensely talented; the best combination. On this edition of Soul Sounds I sit down with master craftsmen/women  Black Zebra(well five of the seven) and talk about music, their growth as a band and themselves. Many large words were spoken this day and many hilarious and not fit for print things were said, all in all a great interview.

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Middle Passage by Charles Johnson: A Review by Jolyn Bryan

The story of Middle Passage, set in 1830, begins seemingly as a very simple one. The protagonist Rutherford Calhoun, a southern Illinoisan Negro freedman enjoying a life of debauchery in New Orleans, stows away on an African-bound ship, The Republic, to escape the machinations of his girlfriend, Isadora Bailey, who urges him to marry her. The story Johnson proceeds to weave then proves itself to be a blend of the picaresque, sea yarn, slave narrative and philosophical novel, ably presented through the person of Calhoun himself, who endeavors to present the facts of his experiences, while presenting the truth that his adventures uncover.

The Republic is bound for Senegambia where it will conduct trade in goods, as well as in slaves, and its captain is the notorious and unhinged Captain Ebenezer Falcon, reminiscent of the great Captain Ahab of Moby Dick  Continue reading

7 Year itch – review

Album Review by Jamel Hall

With his first single Arguments produced by Karim DJ Karim Thompson and released in 2009, Protoje born Oje Ken Ollivierre after years of working on his craft, took his first step into the music business. It was however, with his later single this year’s monster hit Rasta Love featuring Ky-Mani Marley that would see him finding and, finally turning the key in the ignition of his success. Working with his cousin super producer Don Corleon, Protoje recorded his debut Album The 7 Year Itch in the short space of seven months. The songs themselves were written over several years, while he navigated his way through the music industry and life. Continue reading

Keys to Portfolio Presentation

By Monique Kennedy

Every good artist knows their portfolio speaks volumes, even more than a well-constructed resume.  Your portfolio is your visual resume; it is a collection of your strongest pieces, the work you include not only says a lot about you but the types of jobs you are looking for. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to consider when you are putting together your portfolio. Continue reading

How to get started in Graphic Design

By Monique Kennedy

There are two different types of designers, those who are self-taught and those whose talents were honed in the classroom. I can honestly say I am a little bit of both.  There is no right or wrong way to get started, but no matter how you get started you must have talent and a passion for what you do.

When people think of graphic design the first thing that comes to mind is probably a party flier with an attractive scantily clad woman. There is so much more to design than that. People often ask me what a graphic designer does, I tell them everything from package design, posters, business cards, and book covers. The great thing about being in this field is the versatility of how your work can be applied. So how does one get started? Continue reading

An interview with Jamaican photographer – Colin Porter

Colin Porter: Interview with a Perspective

By Jamel Hall

Artistic ability is something you’re born with, not taught. No one exemplifies this more than Photographer Colin Porter.  Colin shows us through his photography and his philosophy that, art is the universal story teller, and that artists must be artists at all times even while engaging the world under normal circumstances to  fully immerse themselves in their craft and create to best of their ability. He speaks with an even and steady tone that mirrors his even and steady hands about coming to art, its power, and its impact.

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An interview with Jamaican songbird TinaSimone

Tina Simone: Interview with a Calling 

By Jamel Hall

In this installment of Soul Sounds we have the lovely and talented Tina Simone, singer, songwriter and, poet. The thing I like most about Ms. Simone is how frank and herself she is at all times, she never shys away from a question, and always leads with an honest answer; she puts a great deal of who she is into her art, and it shows. Tina seems to be most at home when holding a mic and letting her powerful soul soaked vocals fill the air but, is always at home wherever she finds herself  whether on stage, in a large auditorium or in quiet room for a one on one interview. This interview is pretty tame but you should have been there for the last one, now that was an interview worthy of editing.

Most performers have stage names and persona’s to match, yet you don’t, why is that?

“My name matches me perfectly it has a melodic ring and easy to say, sunshine and energy in the name and that’s me.”

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